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The Policy Paradox in Africa: Strengthening Links between Economic Research and Policymaking

Elias T. Ayuk and Mohamed Ali Marouani
African World Press, IDRC

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It is becoming increasingly clear that without sweeping changes to both domestic and international policies, Africa will not reach the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. While there seems to be a consensus on increasing aid to Africa, donors will undoubtedly favour democratic countries that adopt sound development policies. For development policies to be sound, however, they must not only meet short-term political expediencies, they must also tap the broad knowledge base that is furnished by policy research in Africa, particularly economic research on a continent confronting chronic and crushing poverty. What role does economic research, particularly by African economic researchers, play in the existing process of policy development in Africa?

This book examines the extent to which policy-makers and political leaders take into account home-grown African research when they formulate policies intended to promote sustainable development. It reveals that there is a disconnect between policy-making and economic research and proposes ways that researchers can help to bridge this gap, improve the policy-making process, and thus enhance development efforts in Africa.

The editors

Elias T. Ayuk is Senior Program Specialist at IDRC's Dakar office and former Executive Director of the Secretariat for Institutional Support for Economic Research in Africa (SISERA).

Mohamed Ali Marouani is Associate Professor at the Université Paris1-Panthéon-Sorbonne and DIAL Research Associate, Paris, France.