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This partnership with Oak Foundation will enable local think tanks in Indonesia to engage more effectively in climate actions

Think Climate Indonesia

The deforestation of Indonesia's rainforests for agricultural purposes has made the country one of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases. At the same time, Indonesia's largely coastal population is particularly susceptible to the effects of climate change. Political action is required to reduce emissions while also strengthening climate resilience.

With existing knowledge, readily available financing, and a willing government, achieving climate action that meets Indonesia’s economic and social development needs is possible. However, knowledge gaps and  coordination difficulties  across institutions continue to hinder  efforts. In the coming years, the Indonesian Government will require high-quality, relevant, and timely climate-related evidence, data, and analysis to develop the policy, regulatory, and market frameworks that can help move the country’s economy towards low-carbon growth.

Think Climate Indonesia responds to these complex challenges. This three-year CA$2.5 million partnership between IDRC and Oak Foundation is aimed at enabling local policy-research organizations (such as think tanks) to gather the evidence that policy-makers need.

Think Climate Indonesia provides core funding for the activities of five local think tanks, with a view to:

  • increasing relevant data and evidence generation for policy needs that address emissions reductions and climate resilience.
  • deepening research capacity and strengthening policy engagement so that think tanks can meet the demands for evidence and connect with appropriate actors.
  • fostering collaboration to identify data needs, articulate policy research agendas, develop knowledge needs, and create political momentum.


Research topics and think tanks

  • Sustainable Agroforestry Practices for Achieving Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change. The Cases of Four Provinces: Nusa Tenggara Timur, Jambi, Papua Barat, Sulawesi Tenggara.

Yayasan INOBU

  • The Role of Social Forestry in Climate Adaptation and Food Security: Evidence From Riau Province.

WRI–Indonesia World Resources Institute–Indonesia

  • Forest and Land Rehabilitation Program: Implications for Climate Mitigation and Farmers’ Local Livelihoods in East Kalimantan Province.

PATTIRO Center for Regional and Information Studies

  • Climate Foodprint in Indonesian Cities: Studies from Semarang and Bima.

Yayasan Kota Kita Our City Foundation

  • Crafting Climate Financing Policy at Sub-National Scales in Indonesia: An Emphasis on Low-Emission Agriculture and Food Security.

Kemitraan Partnership for Governance Reform


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