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Call for expressions of interest: Research on scaling the impact of educational innovations

October 18, 2019
The Global Partnership for Education’s Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) program is pleased to announce a call for expressions of interest to build knowledge and capacity on scaling the impact of educational innovations in Global Partnership for Education member countries.

Sofie Tesson / Taimani Films / World Bank

KIX, a joint endeavour between IDRC and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), is an exciting new way to connect the expertise, innovation, and knowledge of GPE partners to help developing countries build stronger education systems, thereby accelerating progress towards achieving SDG 4.

There are critical knowledge gaps in scaling the impact of educational innovations in developing country contexts where KIX programming takes place. Without critical knowledge and evidence in this area, it will be difficult to strengthen national education systems and achieve the targets set out in SDG 4. This is why scaling approaches that can facilitate the improvement of education systems are a crucial focus for KIX, and why we are taking a systematic and action-based approach to scaling. 

Individual organizations or consortia of multiple organizations are invited to submit an expression of interest to undertake the following scope of work:

  1. design and lead action research across KIX-funded projects;
  2. conduct additional research that engages multiple perspectives on the processes and critical success factors on scaling education innovations in GPE member countries; and 
  3. use findings from this research to produce practical and conceptual guidance on scaling that balances quality, equity, efficiency, and sustainability for education systems and outcomes in developing country contexts. 

The project funded under this grant will help to:

  1. strengthen capacities in KIX-funded projects to enhance the quality and results of their scaling efforts;  
  2. develop new knowledge about scaling educational innovations in ways that maintain quality, equity, efficiency, and sustainability of impacts in developing country contexts; and  
  3. inform and build capacity on scaling educational innovations among education stakeholders in developing countries.  

Please refer to the call for expressions of interest for more information. 

A webinar about the call will take place on November 5, 2019. The English webinar will take place at 9:00 am (EST) and the French webinar will take place at 11:00 am (EST). Register here. Please submit your questions to by October 31, 2019.