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IDRC at the Alternatives to Antibiotics Symposium

December 17, 2019
IDRC’s Innovative Veterinary Solutions for Antimicrobial Resistance (InnoVet-AMR) team will join scientists and researchers from around the world for the 3rd International Symposium on Alternatives to Antibiotics in Thailand from December 16–18. 
IDRC / Bartay Disease outbreaks cause serious economic losses in Malaysia’s aquaculture sector. Alternatives to vaccination are needed to prevent disease in shrimp.

The conference will focus on the latest scientific breakthroughs and technologies for new options and alternative strategies to prevent and treat animal diseases while reducing the use of antibiotics in agriculture.

On December 18, IDRC senior program specialist Renee Larocque will offer a funder’s perspective of how to encourage the development of antibiotic alternatives at a roundtable session on regulatory issues. Several InnoVet-AMR teams will be also be in attendance at the symposium, including one team that will present a poster about their research into replacing antibiotics on poultry farms in Kenya.