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Knowledge and Innovation Exchange launches website

July 29, 2020
The new website for the Global Partnership for Education’s Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) provides the latest information and emerging evidence from the initiative.
Homepage of the new KIX website

KIX launched in July 2020 the latest development for the partnership between IDRC and the Global Partnership for Education that supports low- and middle-income countries to build stronger education systems.

The website is the first phase of the KIX Digital Knowledge Platform. It contains information on the KIX regional hubs, the current projects that KIX funds, a blog on key issues facing global education systems, and news and events hosted by KIX and KIX partners.

The second phase of the KIX Digital Knowledge Platform will include a virtual peer-learning portal featuring a suite of tools that promote collaboration between KIX project partners and GPE member countries. The third phase will include an open-access digital library that will enable KIX stakeholders and the broader public to easily access curated outputs from KIX and other education initiatives, including education-focused policy briefs, reports, videos, toolkits, and more.

Through its Digital Knowledge Platform, KIX seeks to provide its stakeholders with critical knowledge mobilization, collaboration, and research uptake tools and materials to inform policy dialogues and planning processes in developing country education systems.