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Interactive bilingual online course on integrating gender equality and inclusion for high quality research

Gender equality and inclusion is fundamental to achieving the sustainable development goals and advancing impact in IDRC’s thematic areas of research. IDRC launched a gender programming framework in 2021 with the intention of improving program impact and strengthening IDRC’s position as a thought leader in gender-focused research for development. A key element of the framework’s success will be to ensure that there is capacity, especially in the Global South, to effectively integrate gender equality and inclusion research approaches and to document and share their impact. For example, IDRC has noted that many researchers do not sufficiently integrate gender equality and inclusion approaches in their research design. many research teams struggle to incorporate gender equality and inclusion dimensions in their research because it is not systematized into many research projects. This project will address this capacity gap through an online, self-paced training course grounded in experiences in the African context.

Project ID
Project Status
36 months
IDRC Officer
Edidah Lubega Ampaire
Total Funding
CA$ 500,000.00
North of Sahara
South of Sahara
Institution Country
Recipient(s) to be Determined -- Holding Tank
Institution Country
United States
Project Leader
Jane Mariara
Partnership For Economic Policy, Inc.