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Results-based financing for equitable access to maternal and child health care in Mali and Burkina Faso (IMCHA)

In Mali and Burkina Faso, maternal and child mortality rates remain high. The governments of both countries are trying to increase access to and use of health care for women and children. They have adopted policies to remove financial barriers and are now piloting results-based financing, which gives financial incentives to providers of health services for achieving predefined indicators. Despite these efforts, health inequalities persist.

This project will contribute to increasing equitable access to health services for the poor by strengthening the implementation of health reforms in Mali and Burkina Faso. It examines the emergence, relevance, design, and development of results-based financing in both countries, and studies its implementation, sustainability, and efficacy. The project will also look at the impact of results-based financing on health providers' motivation and teamwork, local leadership, community management committees of health facilities, access to and use of health services, and financial protection of vulnerable populations. It will document any unexpected outcomes.

The project will result in a number of scientific publications from established and young researchers. In addition, the results of the study will be disseminated to decision-makers across Africa and to international agencies involved in the design and scale-up of results-based financing for maternal and child health.

This project is part of the Innovating for Maternal and Child Health in Africa (IMCHA) Initiative, a seven year, $CA36 million multi-donor partnership funded by Global Affairs Canada, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and Canada's International Development Research Centre.

Project ID
Project Status
End Date
54 months
IDRC Officer
Marie-Gloriose Ingabire
Total Funding
CA$ 965,590.00
Burkina Faso
Global Health
Innovating for Maternal and Child Health in Africa
Institution Country
Project Leader
Laurence Touré
Association de Recherche et de Formation en Anthropologie des Dynamiques Locales



Donor-funded project's sustainability assessment : a qualitative case study of a results-based financing pilot in Koulikoro region, Mali

Training Materials

Performance-based financing in Mali : can it be called emergence?