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The scalingXchange: Amplifying Southern perspectives on scaling

June 10, 2021

As a part of our Scaling Science initiative, IDRC has launched the scalingXchange -- a process to bring together researchers and innovators in the Global South to learn from their scaling experiences and how to better support their efforts.

The initiative aims to highlight and amplify Southern perspectives on how funders can best support researchers and innovators to embrace a principles-based approach to scaling impact.

The Scaling Advisors

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IDRC invited a group of Scaling Advisors, consisting of researchers and innovators from the Global South with experience in scaling impact, to take part in the scalingXchange. The Scaling Advisor designation recognizes the insights and advice they can offer on how we can better support scaling efforts. The group includes representatives from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East and North Africa. Their professional expertise ranges from finance to genetics, from law to climatology, and from geoscience to patient-centered health care.

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Lessons from the scalingXchange: Southern perspectives on funders’ support for scaling

An initial 11-week online program of exchange, discussion, and debate provided an opportunity to unpack, challenge, and develop guiding principles of scaling science. The discussion offered an occasion to reflect on opportunities for and challenges to putting the principles into practice, and what IDRC and other funders can do to help. This generated a treasure trove of feedback and insight for funders, and the resulting report provides a starting point for action.

A Southern statement on scaling impact

A Southern statement on scaling impact drafted by the Scaling Advisors will translate lessons learned into a call to action for research funders and development partners. This collective experience will make a critical contribution to the emerging science of scaling and provide a roadmap grounded in Southern experience for funders who aim to invest in sustainable development.     

Stay tuned!