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Factors Influencing Donor Partnership Effectiveness

3 de Noviembre de 2010

A recent study conducted by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) demonstrates that communication is a strategic element in maintaining healthy relationships among donors and grantmakers and, therefore, impacts partnership effectiveness.

With the intent to learn from its experiences in working with foundations and other research funders, IDRC produced six case studies on jointly funded programs related to the environment, global health, and information technologies in developing regions around the world.

A two-dimensional tool probing eight factors that influence partnership performance was developed, and used in conjunction with a Partnering Process Model, to guide the preparation of the case studies. The incorporation of the temporality dimension is quite novel and adds to the understanding and literature on partnerships.

This paper, published in the peer-reviewed journal of philanthropy The Foundation Review, discusses the development and use of this new tool as well as various aspects of internal and inter-institutional communication as it pertains to donor collaboration.

Download the PDF : Factors Influencing Donor Partnership Effectiveness