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Strengthening the capability of Africa’s science granting councils in research management

The Science Granting Councils Initiative in sub-Saharan Africa (SGCI) is a multi-donor initiative developed jointly by IDRC, the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, and South Africa’s National Research Foundation. SGCI aims to strengthen the capacities of science granting councils to support research and evidence-based policies that contribute to economic and social development; design and monitor research programs and formulate and implement policies based on the use of robust science, technology, and innovation indicators; support knowledge transfer to the private sector; and establish partnerships among councils and with other science system stakeholders.

Since its inception in 2015, SGCI has been strengthening the capacities of science granting councils in 15 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The initiative’s activities include training, regional exchanges and forums, online training, on-site coaching, and collaborative research. More effective science granting councils are expected to strengthen national science, technology, and innovation systems and ultimately promote nationally led research that contributes to development in participating countries.

Two new cross-cutting dimensions, namely research excellence and gender equality and inclusivity, have recently been added to the Initiative. As part of the SGCI’s second phase, funding from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and IDRC will provide grants to each council, enabling them to manage research competitions and related activities in areas aligned with their national research agendas.

This project will provide training and support to the science granting councils in specific areas of research management, namely research excellence, research ethics, emerging scientific practices, and financial management. It will also support the development of online grant management systems (including databases of peer reviewers).

Identificador del Proyecto
Estado de Proyecto
36 months
Funcionario del IDRC
Ellie Osir
Total del financiamiento
CA$ 1,268,100.00
South of Sahara
Education and Science
Science Granting Councils Initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa
País de la Institución
Association of African Universities/Association des universités africaines
País de la Institución
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Jonathan Mba
Association of African Universities/Association des universités africaines